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Our Approach to Grain Production

In order to cover acres efficiently for optimal crop production, we approach our fields from an agronomic and financial approach. Farming is like any other business that requires good data to make good decisions and we utilize many tools for production. 

Precision Ag Technology

We utilize precision equipped machinery to farm with efficiency, save money on inputs, and lower fuel costs. 

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Using cloud based systems allow us to see real time, agronomic information to make decisions for the next operation in the field. Historic data also allows us to share information with our land partners and input suppliers. 

Farm Management Software

Real time records of each operation allow us to examine our inputs and other aspects of our farming operation. Examples of this include: recording seeds per acre planted, pounds of fertilizer applied, bushels of grain harvested, etc. 

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Machinery Management

We utilize many different types of machines on the farm to provide timely and accurate applications in the field. 

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