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Landowner Services

We are committed to making your land profitable, fertile, and well maintained. We treat every landowner's farm as we treat our own farms.  

Sims Farms has a history of long-term relationships with current landowners and is always looking to cultivate new opportunities. 

Contact us via email or phone if you are interested in our farm operation. 

Cash Rent

  • 100% cash rent for tillable acres.

  • Cash flow options available:

    • Monthly 

    • Semi-Annual

    • Annual

  • Contracts between tenant and landowner are renegotiated annually. 

Farm Plans

  • Are you planning to transfer your farm to the next generation?

  • Are you looking for someone to farm your land but stay in control of your asset? 

  • Contact us to see if we can help with your farming needs. 

Flex Leases

  • Flex leases are customizable. 

  • Every farm is unique and we are willing to build a flexible leasing option for your farm.

Crop Share

  •  A fair percentage split will be agreed upon.

  • Landowner and tenant negotiate percentage of input costs and grain sales.

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